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How We Repair Foggy Dual Pane Windows

Our technicians start by drilling two tiny 1/8-inch holes in the glass, strategically placed depending on window size. They are drilled in areas that do not affect the appearance of the window.
Next, we spray special cleaning fluids and drying agents inside the insulated glass unit to clean and remove the moisture and contaminants. We then drain the solutions and dry out the glass unit. Lastly, we install micro vents over the holes. These vents allow humidity to escape and keep your window clear and dry.

Because the silica desiccant in the spacer bar is still saturated with moisture (see the problem), it may take up to 12 weeks in many cases for the window to completely dry. During this time, moisture may come and go, which is completely normal.
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Your window is now restored and should stay dry. In addition, the insulating R-value is recovered and you have saved money!

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