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Understanding Why Dual "Thermal" Pane Windows Fail

Wet or foggy windows are not just ugly, condensation reduces the window's ability to insulate you from outside temperatures, defeating the purpose of having dual pane windows!

In time, every dual pane (also known as thermal pane, double pane and insulated glass) window will fail. There are many reasons why window seals fail, including improper installation or poor caulking, but the main cause of failure is a process called "solar pumping." 

This causes the unit to expand and push air out through the semi-permeable seals. As the unit cools at night, it contracts and draws in air (and humidity) through the seals. Over time, this constant contraction and expansion further weakens the seals, which allows even more moisture inside.
Many window manufacturers plan for solar pumping by adding silica desiccant in the spacer bar between the panes of glass to absorb moisture and prolong the life of the glass unit. Silica desiccant is the product inside the little white packages you find packed with electronics, clothing, etc. to keep them dry. When the desiccant has absorbed all the moisture it can, a misty fog begins to develop between the panes of glass.
From this point, the unit begins deteriorating quickly. If left untreated, large water droplets occur and then run down the glass. This problem can be permanently repaired with our process.

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However, in the next phase of failure, the silica-laden moisture starts to corrode the glass and eventually leaves mineral deposits or a white haze. Once this occurs, the stains may be difficult to completely remove. If the window unit can't be restored, we can replace it with a new insulated glass unit. In no case does your entire window need to be replaced.
The longer you wait, the less chance we have for a successful repair. Don't delay; call us as soon as you see moisture in your windows!

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