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Other Repair Services

We also provide general window repairs, including:

  • Interior and exterior caulking: Poor caulking is a common cause of window seal failure, wood rot and heat loss. Windows should be re-caulked as needed, approximately every five years.

  • Sash and sill repairs: We can replace rotten or damaged wood at a fraction of the cost of window replacement.

  • Hardware replacement: We can replace weather stripping, window cranks, operators, locking latches, balancer springs, etc. Whatever the problem, we'll try to help.

other window services

Test Windows Yourself to See if There Is a Problem!

Hold an ice cube on the pane of glass for a full minute. If a spot of condensation forms inside the insulated glass unit, it is at the beginning stages of failure. Left unserviced, moisture will eventually form inside the unit once the desiccant in the window, which is designed to absorb that moisture, has fully saturated.

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