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Window Glass Repair Options to Improve Your Home's Allure

You want to give your home a modern appeal by installing new windows, but you don't want to replace all of them. After all, your frames are in decent condition - keeping drafts at bay and free of swelling, moisture, and sun damage.

But you want new window glass to really make your home stand out. Luckily, replacing only the window glass is cost-effective, and there are many types of new windows you can choose to give your home a modern, contemporary appeal. Discuss the following window glass options with your window glass specialist.

Tinted Glass 

Tinted windows are ideal for privacy and attractive appeal. In most cases, a tinted window is simply a window that has a window tint film placed on the glass. Professionally installed, a window tint is both beautiful and long lasting.

As a bonus, you get the benefit of UV ray protection when you replace your residential windows with tinted glass. There are several types of window tints available, from a dark gray or black design to a modern mirrored pattern - you can see out, but people looking in only see their own reflection. Ask your window installation specialist to show you examples of various styles of tinted window glass.

Insulated Glass 

Insulated glass is traditional window glass that is treated with a special coating material to allow the sun's heat to filter through while allowing you to have full visibility of your window.

Insulated glass is a fine option for your home if you are worried about energy consumption. Because the insulating qualities of the window's glass redirects over two thirds of the sun's heat, you feel more comfortable in your home without having to mess with the thermostat as often.

Laminated Glass 

As the name implies, laminated glass is a type of construction window glass that has a thin layer of laminate on one or both sides to reinforce the material. This is the type of glass you should use for your home's windows if you have young children or pets and worry about your glass breaking. Laminated glass can break, but the sealed pieces tend to break in a solid structure that stays put - rather than shattering and tossing glass shards about.

The thin laminate layers also help make your windows less likely to break. So if a ball, rock, or other blunt object were to hit your window glass, your windows might not break. The cost of your laminated glass depends on whether you want the laminate tinted, how many sides you want covered, and how thick you want the laminate to be.

Decorative Glass 

Decorative glass is a frosted, etched, beveled, or colored glass that can be installed in some window areas of the home to add charm and a unique appeal. While you won't put decorative glass in every window of your home, consider ornate glass in your front door, bathroom, master bedroom, or kitchen area. Many decorative glass styles are very private in design, which makes them ideal for your home's most private spaces.

You can mix and match different styles of window glass with others. For example, you can outfit main windows with mirrored glass while using insulated or traditional single-pane glass for the rest of your home. Your window installation expert will draw up a plan for window installations that match your budget and design preferences.

Your new windows will give your home a grand new appeal. Whether you want to better protect your home or add to its appearance, the right window glass can make a big difference in the look and function of your home. Call our team of window installation experts at Window Wise for window replacement and repair today.

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