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Signs Your Windows Are in Need of TLC

With average care, your windows can last anywhere from 15 years to 30 years or more. The type of framing you have around your glass has a lot to do with longevity. Aluminum (20 years max), wood (up to 30 years), and vinyl (around 15 years) are common window framing options.
When you think of window repair, you think of window glass replacement. Actually, many other factors go into a healthy window, such as proper caulking of sills, crack and chip-free framing, and fog-resistant glass panes. Here are signs your windows need some professional care.
Your Frames Are Warped
Warping is most common in wooden framework, although vinyl frames can warp as well. Wooden frames warp due to moisture absorption caused by natural condensation on the window glass.
Vinyl frames warp due to heavy sun exposure or simple age. Warping window frames compromise your window quality, allowing sunlight and air to penetrate a cracked or swollen framework. Warped frames can also get in the way of opening and closing your windows properly.
Your Glass is Fogged
It's not common to have single-paned glass in your home's windows. Rather, you likely have double or even triple-paned glass. Double and triple-pane windows reduce heat loss and save money on energy bills over time.
While multiple-pane windows carry a lot of appeal (and value) for the home, they are also more prone to fogging than a single pane of window glass is. This is because there is a thin open layer between each pane, making it easier for moisture from the inside and outside your home to get inside.
Fogged glass can mean a few things: either your window panes are loose and allowing water in, or the framing around them needs repair. Your window install specialist will inspect your windows and make repairs against condensation as needed.
Your Windows Are Drafty
Do a quick test to see if your windows are drafty. Light a candle and place it on a table near your windows (away from curtains and other flammable materials). If the flame flickers or "dances" while your windows are closed, they are not properly insulated and could be letting air in.
Windows can be repaired by placing new caulk around the frames or checking the joints where your windows open and close to make sure they are functioning normally. Loose windows are a common issue, especially if windows are older or used frequently.
Your Windows Are Older
As mentioned above, each type of window frame lasts a few decades or so. If your windows are original to your home or you haven't had them upgraded since you've owned your house, then having them inspected by a window specialist is key to their longevity.
Just like all other home maintenance, your windows need regular check-ups to ensure they are working properly and not letting air into your home. A window installation specialist will check the caulking, framework, and the window glass in each window and make a checklist of the repairs they feel are necessary.
In most cases, actual window replacement is not necessary, unless the glass is broken or frames are completely rotted out or severely damaged. Having small repairs made now can save you money and allow your existing windows to last much longer. You can choose to have all repairs made at once or schedule the mostneeded repairs immediately if you are on a budget.
Call your window repair and replacement expert to get an evaluation of your windows. You will receive an estimate for needed repairs. Our team of specialists are happy to assist you with all your window repair needs. Call us at Window Wise today to discuss your current windows' conditions.

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